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SUN, 1 MAR 2015 23:48 Erbil, GMT +3
Source: KRG-DFR DFR publication date: SUN, 12 FEB 2012 15:04
Philippines Charge d’Affaires discusses establishing ties with Erbil

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq ( – The newly appointed Philippines Charge d’Affaires to Iraq, Mr Marlowe A. Miranda, Saturday met with Minister Falah Mustafa, Head of the KRG Department of Foreign Relations, to discuss the reopening of their embassy in Baghdad and a potential presence in Erbil.

In his first visit to the Kurdistan Region, Chargé Miranda, who heads the Philippines’ new embassy, said he was very pleased to see the progress the Region is making. “We are looking forward to establishing a very productive relationship with the Kurdistan Regional Government, and we are interested in establishing a presence in Kurdistan,” he said.

The Chargé’s visit was following up on a visit to the Region by the Philippines’ Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs in September 2011, and he went on to say that the Republic of the Philippines plans to soon appoint an honorary consul in Erbil, which they anticipate will eventually be upgraded to a consulate general.

Minister Mustafa commended the Philippines’ decision to reengage in Iraq and said, “We welcome your decision to reestablish your presence in Baghdad – it shows strength, goodwill and determination.” Minister Mustafa also welcomed the possibility of opening an honorary consulate in Erbil and said the KRG will be ready to assist in this endeavour.

The embassy was reopened on November 15th 2011, and the Philippines government plans to appoint an ambassador in the near future. The government of the Philippines has also highlighted the security and stability of the Kurdistan Region in its recent travel reports.

The two sides also stressed the importance of establishing a legal mechanism to manage and regulate visitors from the Philippines, and discussed the peaceful and active Filipino community in Kurdistan. Mr. Miranda said, ‘Our community is sincerely enjoying their time in Kurdistan, and I assure you we have not had any complaints about their treatment.’ He added that those present in the region feel a deep bond with the Kurdish people.

Mr. Miranda was accompanied to the meeting by Ms. Lagrimas Ligeralbe, a representative of the Filipino community in Kurdistan.

KRG briefs diplomats on Erbil-Baghdad agreement
MON, 23 FEB 2015 21:23

Erbil, Kurdistan Region ( – The KRG Department of Foreign Relations today hosted a special session for the KRG Ministers for natural resources and planning to shed some light on the Erbil-Baghdad agreement.

President Barzani Meets US Senator Bob Corker
WED, 18 FEB 2015 23:39

Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani met with US Senator Bob Corker, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. 

DFR hosts a special session for the Ministry of Peshmerga to brief diplomats on security developments
TUE, 17 FEB 2015 15:32

Erbil, Kurdistan Region ( – The Department of Foreign Relations today hosted a special session for the officials of the KRG Ministry of Peshmerga to brief diplomats and foreign representatives in Erbil on the latest security developments in the fight against Daesh. 


Obama lacks Islamic State plan, should increase arms to Kurdish peshmerga, envoy says

SUN, 1 MAR 2015 13:28

The Washington Times

Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman, who recently became the Kurdistan Regional Government’s high representative — essentially its ambassador — to Washington, said in a briefing that the Obama administration and its international allies should step up their support of Kurdish peshmerga fighters battling the Islamic State jihadis in Syria and Iraq. She said the peshmerga fighters have proved far more effective than Iraq’s military in beating back the extremists on the ground.

Minister Mustafa discusses latest developments with UK ministers

SAT, 28 FEB 2015 17:02

Erbil, Kurdistan Region ( – Minister Falah Mustafa, Head of the KRG Department of Foreign Relations exchanged views on the latest military, humanitarian and political developments with the UK's ministers for the Middle East and for International Development as well the Deputy National Security Advisor. 

Minister Mustafa meets with the House of Commons Chairmen of defense and foreign affairs committees

SAT, 28 FEB 2015 14:50

Erbil, Kurdistan Region ( – Minister Falah Mustafa, Head of the KRG Department of Foreign Relations, discussed political and military developments with the UK’s House of Commons Chairmen of Foreign Affairs and Defense Committees. 

President Barzani to the Kurdistan Review: Kurdistan has all the necessary ingredients to attract foreign investment

WED, 25 FEB 2015 10:31

The Kurdistan Review, published by Invest In Group (IIG), is a joint project in partnership with the Kurdistan Regional Government's Department of Foreign Relations (DFR).